Sunday, 7 August 2016

Horny slut lets taxi driver ram his dick inside her tight ass

It’s true that love can make people blind and stupid. It’s also true that a broken heart will push a person to do more stupid and careless things the moment they see the chance. Just like this slutty bitch who just had an awful row with her boyfriend and happen to feel the need for some quick revenge by having a hardcore anal quickie with her cab driver.

While she swears she never done this before, letting any random stranger get in her pants just because she’s upset, watching this wild video doesn’t seem to show that she’s some naive babe who’s new to such experience. She was thinking straight, not under any influence of a sort, so we’re damn sure she’s a skank in and out of her relationship.

She seemed determined to get some hot action with this particular cabbie the moment she saw him pull over. She didn’t even waste time on small chit chats and jumped right in the game. With the cab’s camera rolling, they got into the steamy action as this bitch started spreading her legs wide and this dude positioned himself between them with his stiff cock hanging from his pants, ready to pounce.

Sleazy chick got her wet cunt and ass drilled so hard that she ended up screaming loud the entire time. She was releasing all the madness that is breaking up with the douchebag and just having one hell of a time getting plowed inside a taxi cab.

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